Croydon Voluntary Action is pleased to offer free support for Croydon based charities and social enterprises during this month (June 2017).  This support is for any group seeking expert help on developing their projects; wanting help with governance; needing to generate income; or ensure appropriate systems are in place. 

If you would like support, please send an introductory email to with

  • your name and contact details
  • brief description of what help you are seeking
  • brief description of your charity / social enterprise 

Claudia will then ring you to discuss your needs and determine next steps, which could include:

  • you drafting a project proposal which you send to Claudia for proofing
  • being signposted to useful sites / partners relevant to your project needs
  • spending half an hour on the phone talking about setting up an enterprise
  • attending a face to face session to go through more in-depth issues
  • being offered further specialist support e.g. half-day training


About Claudia

Claudia Demuth brings key strengths in coaching, governance, fundraising, planning and troubleshooting support to a wide range of communities, enterprises and individuals seeking to ensure their impact / change their direction. With extensive experience of working with Boards and CEOs on business planning and fundraising strategies, she has an excellent understanding of London’s voluntary and statutory sectors. As a trustworthy and respectful coach, she also brings out the best in people, whilst respecting their confidentiality and values. Claudia brings personal experience as she has run her own charity for a number of years, been an active board member, and currently works as a volunteer for various charities / social enterprises.  Running her own business since 2007 onwards, all her projects arise from word of mouth recommendation – testament to the satisfaction she engenders through her work.