Hello my name is Ayar Ata and I am a trustee at CVA

I joined the CVA’s board of trustees in February 2018 and I am hoping to use all my work experience and academic skills to contribute to this active and vital voluntary community development organization in Croydon. Few more words about me:

Prior to completing my PhD study on social integration issues in London at London South Bank University (LSBU) in April 2017 I studied forced migration and international human rights at University of East London (UEL) in 2009. I also studied social policy and the history of voluntary sector in Britain at Middlesex University (MDX) in 2000.

Speaking of social integration perhaps my own formal and most informative steps, as a member of Kurdish diaspora in London, towards active social integration began when I started volunteering for my children’s school and became a school governor. Then I started a successful supplementary Saturday school in Croydon in 2003. I used my experience working with young people and set up Maheen Project in 2011 to support unaccompanied refugee children in Croydon. I believe the energy, dynamism, and challenges of social integration should be understood better for the benefit of all BAME, refugee, and host communities. This is to help all of us to work together and to build a more cohesive, fairer, and more successful Croydon.

Ayar Ata not edited