We are electing new representatives to Croydon's Strategic Partnerships, 2018-20


Croydon Voluntary Action is the supporting agency for many networks involved in influencing decision-making in Croydon.

Through strategic partnerships, representatives from different agencies come together with the aim of providing the best services and support possible. Some partnerships have firmly established structures for working together, others have looser relationships.

There are four main partnership boards seeking VCS representation either on their boards or subgroups. 

  • Children and Families Partnership Board & Sub Group
  • Croydon Safeguarding Children Board & Sub Groups
  • Health and Wellbeing Board Sub Groups
  • Safer Croydon Partnership Board Sub Groups

Some of these partnerships have sub-groups and working groups. Voluntary and community networks are able to feed into these groups.

Review the candidate statements here

Vote now for your representative for each board and/or subgroup


Voting ends 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018


Croydon Voluntary Sector Alliance (CVSA) is the overarching voluntary and community sector (VCS) network in Croydon enabling a collective voice on key strategic issues; it includes the Children, Young People & Families' Network. Through CVSA, voluntary sector representatives are elected every two years to Croydon’s strategic partnerships to promote the value and perspective of the VCS.