The government's announcement of an extra £700m for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) has been cautiously welcomed by councils and charities.

The National Children's Bureau also welcomed the news, but noted that the pledge comes at an uncertain time, "when promises made today may fall by the wayside as the wheel of fortune turns in Westminster".

The statement called on the government to address other social factors.

"After a decade of austerity, we still need a wider commitment from government to shore up other parts of the system buckling under pressure," it said.

"We need investment in public health and the early years so that parents can give our children the best start in life.

"We need properly funded child protection services so that our children can be kept safe from abuse and neglect. We need an end to the welfare policies that are driving an ever-increasing number of our children into appalling poverty.

"We will watch carefully as the detail underpinning the funding announcements emerge and urge policymakers to be mindful of the parlous state that the nation's schools, services and other support have fallen into."

source children & young people now August 2019