If you couldn't make it to 'The Way Ahead' event which was held by LVSC on 30 November 2016, you can read about it here as the event was captured by Superhighways on Storify.

Following on, five task and finish groups will be reviewing existing knowledge and learning, seeking out data, research, best practice, effective models, and expertise to look at turning the recommendations of 'The Way Ahead' into reality. They will propose practical plans for moving to a new system, identifying barriers to new ways of working and opportunities to overcome them. You can find out more about the background to the groups in the short thematic groups summary.

Each group is being coordinated by a sector leader with a strong track record in their field, but we and they are keen that these groups include a diverse range of experience and ideas to help make change happen.

If you're interested in being involved in a group, or finding out more about what's involved, you can get in touch with the thematic leads using their details below:

In addition LVSC are delighted that funders are getting on board with helping to support this important work - you can read more about
City Bridge Trust's commitment to the sector (including plans to establish funds of £2.5million linked to The Way Ahead) in their recent committee paper.

source lvsc 13.12.16