Crucial funding for dozens of important community projects and services will continue until 2021 after the future of London Councils’ Grants programme was confirmed for a further four years.  Borough leaders agreed to fund the Grants programme after the end of the current four-year funding cycle in March 2017.

About the Grants Programme

The Leaders’ Committee sets the overall funding strategies, policies, and priorities for grants to voluntary organisations. Decisions on individual commissions, funding of applications and programme operation are made by the Grants Committee comprising members of each of the 32 London boroughs and the City of London. Section 48 of the Local Government Act 1985 enabled London boroughs to fund voluntary action in the capital through a joint scheme which is now provided by London Councils. While the key funding priorities for the Grants programme have been confirmed, no individual project will be guaranteed funding and will be subject to a competitive bidding process. 

Following a consultation, leaders also agreed to work closely with the City of London’s charity (the City Bridge Trust) on a further funding priority – capacity-building in the voluntary sector – with a view to that organisation taking over the support of this area, alongside similar existing projects it supports. A report will be presented to committee in July.

source londoncouncils 03.03.16