Preventing fraud in new employee references
It is now easy for people to create convincing looking fictitious references and payslips, so a phone call to the referee is essential. It is suggested that you also check that the phone number is a proper number of the company concerned. Direct dial numbers and mobile numbers may not be genuine. Sayer Vincent have come across cases where your organisation has been named as a referee without your knowledge and for someone who has never worked for you! They create a fictitious reference using your charity’s letterhead.

Don’t get caught out by fake HMRC phone numbers
The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group have issued a warning about 0844 numbers advertised online for HMRC. These do get you through to HMRC but only via a third party call connection service so cost far more than the direct numbers which start 0300 and can be found here.

Fraud Advisory Panel
The Fraud Advisory Panel champions best practice in fraud prevention and detection and helps charities and individuals protect themselves against fraud. Click here to find out more about what they do and also view links to useful resources.

source vincentsayer 08.03.16