‘Phenomenal Woman’ is a Photographic and Creative Arts exhibition in remembrance of women past and present; featuring the roles, transition and empowerment of women from the First World War to present day.
This project gives real time opportunities for local people to celebrate extra ordinary women in their lives past and present through oral stories, photographs, creative arts i.e. poems, pictures, drawings, collage, spoken word.
WE Can do it - We are using this opportunity to remember all the wonderful things that women have done, those that have left a mark, on the world and in our lives we are asking you to send in photos, stories, inspirational words and or thoughts that have the power to invoke deep feelings to inspire others and add the CROYDON personal touch to the exhibition.   
Times are changing let us remember and celebrate the foundation corner stones of the past ' Phenomenal Women' to be held at Mathews Yard as part of the Council's Women's Staff Network International Women’s Week.  This will be held on 8th March 2016, from  5 - 8pm at Matthews Yard off Surrey Street.

How to get Involved

Please send any material you will like submitted by the 15th February to sadiecampbell@hotmail.co.uk who will be collating and displaying all the wealth of our story.