Croydon Council are holding a Consultation Meeting at CVA Resource Centre on 3 March 2016, 9.30 for 10.00 on the Community Fund Draft Framework. 

The Council’s consultation on the new Community Fund Draft Framework ends on 4 March 2016, with a public meeting the day before at CVA.  Before then we have the opportunity to provide feedback on the prospectus. 

CVA is offering the option of feeding in through CVA. We can make a submission on behalf of the Croydon Voluntary Sector Alliance by pulling all your feedback together and then submitting it (without attributing the comments to any groups or individuals).
The Council has asked for feedback on 4 specific questions (see last page of the document) but there is much to comment on throughout the document.  CVA particularly welcomes the emphasis on themes like an approach that builds on the assets of the VCS;  promoting enterprise and social value; removing barriers and promoting diversity in the sector; the new approaches, particularly grass roots community responses to issues; and the broad range of opportunities for different forms of volunteering.   The Council has had feedback already and has summarised this. Download the draft framework and feedback to date by clicking on the link below.

Community Fund Draft Framework 

Community Fund Draft Feedback

Our main concern at this stage is that the Council’s use of the application portal does not put off smaller organisations from applying. The Council has indicated its intention to provide advice and training on bidding and we will provide whatever support we can. It might also be helpful, given the focus on outcomes, for the Council to say more about impact measurement – and what it will be expecting from VCS providers keen to evidence the full reach and value of their services.
We look forward to seeing you at the Council’s meeting on 3 March 2016 but in the meantime please email any comments you want CVA to submit on your behalf to by Wednesday 2 March 2016.