A new app to help you reach a doctor faster

Did you know that 40% of visitors to A&E in Croydon leave without treatments?

With extreme pressures on the local NHS we need to find different ways to access help, treatment, and advice.

A new app - Health Help Now -  has been launched to help people in Croydon get the medical attention they need more quickly and get an appointment with a GP faster as pressure on the NHS increases.

Due to a shortage of GPs and the increased pressure of winter illnesses, such as hacking cough, patients face challenges trying to see their doctor. To make life easier for people in need of medical attention in the borough, and prevent people going to A&E for non-emergency complaints, a new piece of software has been created.

The Health Help Now app helps people assess their symptoms, suggest what treatment, if any is needed, and directs people to the nearest clinic or surgery with time and treatment available for their specific needs.

A leading Croydon doctor has said the app has "serious potential" to reduce the pressure on NHS services.

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