New! DJ Masterclass Sessions

Crystal Palace FC Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a new DJ MASTERCLASS SESSIONS.

A free taster will take place on MONDAY 14TH NOVEMBER, from 7.00pm - 9.00pm @Selhurst Park Stadium, Glaziers Lounge.  

The taster session will give young people an insight to DJ’ing and hopes to get as many people off the streets and into a new musical environment by providing the opportunity to inspire artistic creativity amongst youth.

On the night there will be an opportunity to:

  • Learn about DJ Masterclasses
  • Gain an introduction to DJ’ing i.e. mixing, switching, scratching
  • Practice DJ techniques
  • Take part in a Table tennis tournament
  • Be given a club tour of the Nightclub 2010

The classes will also focus on developing soft skills in an enjoyable environment. Skills will include:

  • Developing a good work ethic
  • Positive attitude 
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication 
  • Creativity 
  • Time Management
  • Problem solving
  • Self-confidence 
  • Flexibility 
  • Adaptability 
  • Working well under pressure, and many more

If you would like to refer a young person, please complete this referral form attached and email to
If you require further information please call John on 07808 322956 for a discussion.