London has a special relationship with the government’s benefit cap. When introduced in 2013 it had by far its widest impact in the capital, thanks to the famously high housing costs and resulting high levels of housing benefit.

The reduction in the benefit cap was less in London than everywhere else, but even so it is estimated that this will easily double the number of households here affected by it. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) calculates that the 8,400 being pinched by the cap before the change will increase to 19,000 losing some money as a result although London Councils, the body representing the capital’s 33 local authorities, thinks the figure likely to be well on its way to 25,000.

In London, the cap has been reset from £26,000 a year to £23,000. That is the total amount in benefits that can now be paid to a couple or to a single person whose children live with them. For single adults without children the maximum is £15,410. 

source londoncouncils 17.11.16