Together for Health is based on the principles that:

  • Prevention is better than cure - when someone does become ill, they have the best chance of recovery if they are able to make decisions and lifestyle changes that control the negative effects of their condition and improve their wellbeing
  • When a person does need treatment they are seen in the right place at the right time first time around
  • There is shared decision making between patients and health professionals. 

How to get Together for Health
NHS pharmacists, GPs, and hospitals in Croydon, and NHS Croydon CCG and Croydon council are all committed to supporting you to achieve better health and well-being - but ‘Together for Health’ is a
three-way partnership with you.

To access information and support on preventing ill health through lifestyle changes, please visit Just Be, Croydon council’s new digital lifestyle service portal.

To access information and support on using Croydon’s health services, please use the Health Help Now app.