A round-up of successful tweets for fundraisers. 

  1. Think local - Cancer Research UK is using a 45 second video posted on social channels to give practical tips to help its supporters collecting cash in their area. That’s so much better than an A4 download of tips: show, don’t tell.
  2. SEO rules - Social sharing matters, but so too does being found on Google
  3. Mobile, mobile, mobile  - move over desktop mobile search is on the rise
  4. Buttons undone? - the generic ‘donate now’ button is truly part of the navigation menu of a site and easy to ignore. By all means test it, but relevant calls to action are much more likely to be effective.
  5. More #FiverGiver - the entry into circulation of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s first polymer-based £5 note has given the #fivergivercampaign, the idea of UK Fundraising blogger John Thompson, another lease of life.

source ukfundraising 12.11.16