Contracts for the ESF Youth Programme taking place in Croydon run until March 2018 and professionals are encouraged to refer as many eligible young people as possible and where appropriate.

You can download some more information from below.

ESF Youth Contract Providers

*Linkage of Strands

Strands include:

  • 15-18 Preventative NEET / Youth Engagement Fund
  • Outreach
  • Careers Guidance
  • 16-18 Targeted NEET
  • 16-24 LLDD Targeted NEET
  • 18-24 Mental Health
  • 18-24 BAME
  • Youth Talent

(Please note Careers Clusters are not being delivered in/to Croydon).

There is a large provider network so please request any marketing and referral forms directly from the prime contractors or sub-contractors listed. Specific items can also be provided on request by email from:

Young people can also contact the 14-19 Team to provide their consent to be referred to an appropriate support service above by phone on 02087267485 or email

*The London ESF Youth Programme has been designed as an integrated programme with mutually dependent strands of activity. Many of the strands, which will be procured as separate specifications, are closely linked.