This new guide aims to help comms professionals understand how to speak to the board and urges trustees to be more involved. Click to download - you will need to provide an email address.  

Ten questions for trustees
The guide also highlights ten questions for trustees to ask their comms teams, these are:

  1. What can you bring to the development of our organisational strategy?
  2. How do your comms strategy and activities progress the strategic aims and objectives of the charity?
  3. What can you do to protect our reputation and mitigate risks?
  4. Can you provide us with a daily/weekly/monthly briefing about internal and external issues and how these could impact on the organisation?
  5. Will you coach us as needed – in social media, press interviews, crisis communications etc?
  6. What oversight can you offer to other departments to help us ensure quality control of information flowing within the organisation and to outside audiences?
  7. How can comms help us ensure transparency and integrity in the dealings of the organisation?
  8. How can comms help us ensure the charity acts out its stated values?
  9. How is comms working together with fundraising to ensure donor communications meet changes in the fundraising environment?
  10. How can comms help us to demonstrate our impact, service quality and value for money?

source volresources 22.09.16