€3.2m London project to target food waste prevention and recycling alongside healthy eating

London households throw away an estimated 900,000 tonnes of food each year, of which 540,000 tonnes could have been eaten. Not only is this environmentally damaging but it’s a huge waste of money for consumers, local authorities and businesses

TRiFOCAL London – Transforming City FOod hAbits for Life, is the latest initiative to be led by Resource London - the partnership between WRAP and LWARB - together with Groundwork London. The organisations bid for and won €3.2million from the European Commission to deliver the initiative in London, which will be a test bed for other European cities.

For the first time messages on how Londoners can reduce the amount of food they waste will be joined up with messages on how they can recycle the food waste that couldn’t be avoided, whilst also integrating messages about healthy sustainable eating. This is an exciting opportunity to help Londoners make changes for the better. By the end of the initiative, a ‘food waste behavioural change resource bank’ will be developed, which can be used to help other European cities replicate the achievements of London.

The initiative aims to use innovative approaches to:

1. Prevent food waste by changing planning, shopping, storage and meal preparation behaviour

2. Promote healthy and sustainable eating by changing purchasing and preparation practices

3. Recycle more unavoidable food waste

Starting in September 2016 and running for three years, TRiFOCAL will engage with 33 London boroughs including householders, hospitality and food service businesses, local communities and schools. It will use a range of communications approaches, including events, advertising and direct engagement with residents.

Antony Buchan, Head of Programme at Resource London, said: “TRiFOCAL London represents a fantastic opportunity for Resource London to look at the bigger picture around food: what we consume in London, and how we deal with the unavoidable food waste that’s generated. We want to help Londoners consume food more sustainably, save money and get a bit healthier by doing it, and then use their food recycling services more effectively. TRiFOCAL will build on the work we’ve done with Recycle for London and the Little Wins Love Food Hate Waste campaign. It delivers an exciting new chapter in making the capital greener.”

Lindy Kelly, Groundwork London's Executive Director said: “Groundwork London delivers many innovative projects that help Londoners to live and work more sustainably, so we’re incredibly pleased to be part of TRiFOCAL. It is an exciting project that will have a positive impact on people's health and wellbeing as well as reducing food waste in the capital. We'll be working closely with communities and schools, helping both adults and children to make more informed food choices that are healthier and less wasteful."

TRiFOCAL will build on a number of existing materials and research. This includes food waste reduction research insights, London waste authority data on food waste recycling, good practice guidance and communications materials produced as part of WRAP’s consumer campaigns Love Food Hate Waste and Recycle Now, as well as Recycle for London.

If you are interested in being involved or receiving updates on the project, please contact TRiFOCAL@wrap.org.uk.

source lcrn 26.09.16