By being aware of the issues surrounding mental health, we can help to decrease the stigma of having mental health problems. The Mental Health Foundation asked people with lived experience what they wish people knew about having mental ill-health - their answers are interesting.

“ Feelings can fluctuate - "It ebs and flows like the tide. There is no consistency - sometimes it can be nasty, other times not so bad, but it's constantly nagging at you and always there in the background.  Dealing with mental health problems is a work in progress. There are ups and downs and these can happen at any time. Just because someone seems well does not mean that they are well."

Other key points that came out of it are: Everybody is different; Feelings can fluctuate; . It’s not a choice; I can’t just “snap out of it”; People experiencing mental health problems are not weak; Mental health and physical health are linked; It’s not about feeling sad and happy; It may be invisible, but it’s still there; Self-harm isn’t attention-seeking; I’m not ‘crazy’ l It’s not a reflection on you…; Dont tear me down; Talk to me.  Read more

If you would like to share your thoughts and suggestions about what you wished your family, friends and work colleagues knew about having mental ill-health please do email

source mentalhealthfoundation 26.09,16