Bite The Ballot is a not-for profit, party neutral, democracy movement on a mission to improve democratic education for young people.  They work to provide simplistic, different and inspirational politics sessions to young people aged between 11-24 for free, and register young people aged 16-25 to vote for free. 

Bite The Ballot’s activities focus on educational institutions, youth groups and marginalised community groups; by educating young people about democracy and electoral processes to ensure that this generation, and all future generations, grow up engaged and informed about the civic process. Over 500,000 people have registered to vote because of Bite The Ballot and it is hoped to continue this process in Croydon.

There are 2 flagship initiatives:

  • A National Voter Registration Drive which took place last week (week beginning 1 February 2016) where they register as many young people as they can to vote. 
  • A completely free, one hour interactive democracy workshop called 'The Basics' of politics. For more information on this click here.