A summer internship programme that gives London-based SMEs access to UCL students and graduates.

This summer, UCL Advances will fund approximately 100 internship places (8 or 12 weeks) to UCL students and recent graduates (from 2014, 2015 and 2016) who have submitted a compelling application together with an SME of their choice. In other words, applications are from student-company pairs, NOT from a student or a company separately, wishing to be matched to a counterpart.

To find a student with whom to submit an application you can contact students directly and see if they’d like to apply with you through student societies.(click) Email the UCL departments directly to ask them to circulate the information to their students (which they may or may not do!), or come on campus and hand out flyers. UCL Advances does not have the capacity to act as a recruitment agency on your behalf and therefore it is your responsibility to find a student yourself.

The internship is free of charge to you (we will directly pay the intern £329/week which equates to London Living Wage) although you should cover any additional costs incurred (such as travel to client visits, conferences, etc.) that you require of the intern.

The key aim is to provide the intern with ‘hands on’ worthwhile work experience that will show them what it is like to run a business or work for a smaller enterprise. You get to interview and select an intern with the skills or academic knowledge you require to help develop your business.

Who is eligible:
To be eligible you need to be:

  • An SME, start-up, social enterprise, or charity;
  • Based in London (within zones 1-6);
  • Have a desk for the intern in an office (NOT a home office) where another full-time member of the company sits (co-working spaces are acceptable); and
  • A member of the senior management team is committed to spending at least half a day per week meeting with or mentoring the intern (taking them to meetings, reviewing goals and tasks etc).

Eight week internships are open to all UCL students and recent graduates (from 2014, 2015 and 2016) from all faculties and degrees.

Twelve week internships are ONLY open to final year students and recent graduates (ie, you will not be returning to full-time studies in September 2016) due to the restrictions of Santander Universities who part-funds these placements. Successful host companies here will also need to complete additional forms in line with Santander Universities requirements.

If you submit an application with a student, it must be a new relationship (ie, you cannot be/have been an employer of the student, the student must not own any equity/shares in the business, and you must not be related to the student.

Please refer to the company information pack for more details on eligibility and the programme as a well.

How to apply:

Submit the joint application form to businesssupport@ucl.ac.uk by 12pm on Monday 25 April 2016.

Please note that we will NOT be reviewing these forms until w/c 25 April 2016. Each party in the application form should set aside at least 30 minutes to complete their portion of the form (general guidelines on what we’re looking for in the applications are given in the information packs).

Click here for the 8 week internship application form

Click here for the 12 week internship application form