Status Employment is a South London based Charity who have been supporting people with Mental Health difficulties for twenty five years. Their approach delivers sustainable employment solutions and they have achieved considerable success in placing individuals with mental health needs into employment. Positive employment outcomes have long-lasting health benefits; they have seen real improvements in the health and wellbeing of their candidates who have completed their innovative projects in sport and wellbeing; projects which have included trapeze and drama and our football programme to secure open paid employment. These activities promote self-confidence and self-esteem, increase physical activity and social contact and so provide positive physical health benefits. There is a direct correlation between increased physical activity and positive mental health that allows participants to develop additional transferrable skills e.g. social skills, teamwork, communication, etc. These activities can provide an excellent introduction to the rigours of job hunting and preparing for work without any immediate pressure or focus on work progression, which can be a cause of individual failure.

‘Run For Status’ aim is to raise donations to support this important work. Every single contribution received is really important as it enables them to support more individuals with complex mental health issues to move towards gain and retain paid employment. Without this important work being delivered in Croydon and Lambeth, such individuals would lead lives of increasing, desolation, spiralling social isolation and poverty.

There are 3 runners who are running the Surrey Half Marathon on March 13th for Status:

  • Catherine Demetriou who was born and raised in Croydon and is passionate about mental health and finds running a great way to ease stress and find good headspace
  • Oliver Eagle, I am a 20 year old undergraduate at the University of Surrey studying Physics in my final year, I am originally from Beckenham, Kent.
  • Jon, who has been running for nearly 10 years and believes that it is a great way of staying fit and healthy. He is participating in the Surrey half marathon in order to raise money for Status Employment which is a fantastic cause that helps those with mental health issues and disabilities find employment. He says "I have a decent job and often forget how lucky I am to be in such a good position. Please give generously for a worthy cause."

You can donate at