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OLIO is a free app which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses to exchange their edible surplus food.

FoodCloud - Dublin, Ireland 
FoodCloud helps business redistribute their surplus food to people who need it. 
This initiative in Berlin has already rescued a metric tonne of food since being founded in 2012. Combining a pick-up scheme, free meals and sharing events, and 25 free fridges around the city. The website is only in German at the moment, but you can read about their successes and challenges here. 

FareShare takes surplus food and redistributes it to 20 centres around the country, where it is used by partner charities to help feed those who need it.

Spoiler Alert - Boston, MA, USA 
Born out of MIT in June 2015, Spoiler Alert is very business-to-business focused, and their website serves up an intimidating amount of jargon. Spoiler Alert is all about 'recovering value', helping businesses distribute surplus food to the right place with the right accounting in order to save on waste handling costs and score tax benefits.

Cold Hubs - Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria 
This startup aims to install solar-powered community fridges that increase local food longevity (and profit), reduce food waste, and hire women to manage them.

California Safe Soil - USA 
This company makes fertiliser from inedible supermarket food waste and will soon be opening a new processing plant.

source lcrn 09.06.16