Tips from various students on beating exam stress.


  1. If you struggle with motivation, start in good time by doing SOMETHING. It doesn’t matter how small, just something that helps with the upcoming exams early on.
  2. Make sure you make a timetable to organise what revision or essay work you’re going to tackle each day. It really helps you set out what you need to do in small chunks.
  3. Looking over some past exam questions or even answering some in exam conditions can help calm your nerves.
  4. Use apps to block social media websites temporarily so you don’t get distracted. (Like SelfControl, or Cold Turkey)
  5. Use Post-it notes to help break ideas down into bite-sized chunks and highlight key points you wish to remember.
  6. Draw mindmaps to see the big picture. (You can use online tools)
  7. Put a sweet in random pages – then you’ll have a surprise treat every now and then!
  8. Grab a good pair of headphones and play some instrumental music. Lyrics make it harder but instrumental music settles in the background and helps you sharpen your focus.
  9. Make your day more manageable by breaking down each hour in to 40 minutes of solid revision followed by 20 minutes of tea making/Beyoncé blasting/wandering in the fresh air.
  10. Remember that you’re not a machine. You deserve time off! Make sure you factor in time to watch a film, go out for a drink with friends or grab a coffee. The most productive brains are those that rest properly too!
  11. Break up your revision with some exercise! Whether it’s a brisk walk or a session in the gym, not only will it let your mind relax for an hour, you’ll also get a burst of energy.
  12. Go to bed early and drink lots of water.
  13. Focus on you and don’t worry about anyone else. Remember your best is good enough!
  14. Keep everything in perspective – in 5 year’s time this will not be a concern and regardless of the outcome, things will be ok anyway

For more info on exams and coping with student life, you can download Emoodji, visit Mind's information pages or try the Student Minds website.
source mind