The new registration service has a re-designed application form, which “makes guidance more accessible and the process quicker” than its existing service. Other improvements include auto-prompting and completion; introduction of tailored question sets for different types of charity; and a charity name check facility.
The tailored questions will start with animal charities, and “will focus customer responses, providing the commission with more detailed information from the start”. Other tailored question sets will be introduced over the coming months.
The beta version also allows customers to print a hard copy of the completed sections of their application process at any point. The regulator says that this is a feature which has been requested. This version will run in parallel with the Commission’s existing registration service for a short period. During this time, customers are able to choose which version of the service they would like to use. No date has yet been confirmed for when the existing service will be switched off.
Customers with partially completed application using the existing service are encouraged to complete and submit their applications in full. The regulator is unable to accept partially completed applications for registration.
The new online registration form is the first of the regulator’s new digital services. It aims to transform the experience customers and trustees have with the commission, which will become “digital by default”.