A local woman, Helen Casey, is looking to get community organisations interested in a new project in portrait making called "Two Lines, Two Dots"

The project is investigating if portrait making can become an every day tool to promote empathy. Through a series of fun and simple workshops Helen has been testing whether people can gain a different perspective of each other through drawing. She is particularly interested in engaging people who wouldn’t normally draw or consider themselves ‘creative’. 

Over the past year she has been working with a diverse range of groups, from vulnerable adults to HR executives and is now looking for new groups to collaborate with amongst people who may feel socially isolated. In order to analyze and improve the project she would like to work with the same group of between 6 and 20 participants on a fairly regular basis over the next 4 months. The project is self-contained and requires no funding. Any data or material generated by the workshops will be used solely for academic research and not shared on any media unless permission is expressly given by the participants.

If this is something that would be of interest to your organisation or if you would like any more information email thisishelencasey@gmail.com