Charities are being offered the chance to have a free infographic made for them to illustrate their key financial information.  Ocean part of the Think Money Group, has launched the service for small to medium-sized charities producing tailor-made infographics that show the charity's chosen financial as well as non-financial iformation.

Bryony Pearce, marketing executive at Ocean said:
 "We are offering this service to charities to help them showcase how they allocate their funds with an image that will benefit them through effectively displaying some of their key information to supporters. We know small charities may not have the budget or resources to produce such materials themselves, and are hoping that by offering out this service free of charge, we will be able to help fill a gap.”

There is no current time limit on the offer, and charities can contact Pearce at for more information.

source ukfundraising 13.02.16