What is Constructive Voices?

The voluntary sector has so many positive stories to tell and practical solutions to offer, across a huge range of issues. NCVO have launched this new project to help you make sure your voice is heard in the public arena, so the vital work you carry out is recognised and can be harnessed for the benefit of society.
Constructive Voices will link charities and journalists, and encourage constructive journalism – a more solutions-focused approach to news coverage. The public are turned off by negative news, and NCVO want to help create a more rounded picture that examines solutions as well as problems.

How can Constructive Voices help me?

If you’re working in one of the following areas, NCVO will help you link up with journalists. Being a new initiative, they will start by focusing on a few themes and will add more as the project grows:

  • Building cohesive communities
  • Combating domestic violence
  • Encouraging youth volunteering
  • Fostering positive mental health
  • Growing old positively
  • Promoting LGBT equality
  • Reducing reoffending

To sign up click below, fill in the short form describing the work your organisation does. Someone will then be in touch to help you with media coverage. Constructive Voices is open to any organisation that has positive solutions to offer. This can include social enterprises and other initiatives, as well as charities.


What else can I do?

For more help working with the media, register with CharityComms' AskCharity service with whom NCVO are collaborating. Once you’ve signed up, the media will then be able to contact you directly to ask for contributions to stories they’re working on. You’ll also get alerts to breaking news stories opening up opportunities to piggyback on the news.
Follow @ConstructiveVox on Twitter. NCVO will be tweeting breaking news to keep you in the loop, identifying examples of constructive stories and getting you to flag up your own positive work. 

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