Five ways to Wellbeing - drafted by the New Economics Foundation.  These are a group of evidence-based actions that have been proven to contribute to wellbeing:

  • Connect:  find others to talk to, particularly people who have had their own experience of anxiety and depression and understand what it's like.  A support network can be invaluable.
  • Be active: this can be something as simple as a walk around a local park.
  • Keep learning:  attend one of the free library talks, join a CALAT course, learn about a new subject, go and listen to a live music session.
  • Give: do something for someone else. Find a volunteering position with our Volunteer Centre (based in the Centrale Shopping Centre) help clear and tidy local sites, such as Park Hill Croydon.
  • Take notice: be aware, be curious, observe your surroundings.  It might help to find out more about the practice of mindfulness.

source croydon citizen