In a Spectrum is a self help group for adults with Asperger's syndrome, using peer to peer's experiences to support.

It was started in 2014 by Paul MacDonald.  As well as enabling this group Paul has worked for 30 years with adults with learning disabilities, 8 years with 2Eden, a local vegetarian society group offering free lunches and cooking lessons, and is also an elder in a local church.

Last year In a Spectrum held 43 social and educational activities all free thanks to a grant from Croydon Council, a training vacation in Manchester, and are holding their 1st one-day conference with adults with Asperger's entitled 'Meaning, Mantras, and More' this year at the Croydon Park Hotel.

They offer coffee mornings, mini breaks, and educational evenings.  For more details check out their website.

source croydon citizen