Community Fund, Theme 5 (Finding homes for all)
The newly launched Community Fund has more of a focus on outcomes to support community empowerment through promoting volunteering, grass root responses, asset based community development, working in partnership and equality.
Under the 'Finding homes for all' theme, the fund is looking for applications from specialist, advice/advocacy/mediation services supporting local residents to get affordable accommodation, and outreach services for the street homeless that address their physical as well as social, emotional need. Commissioners are looking for strength based local services promoting people's independence, resilience and personal networks.
When it comes to digital inclusion, the Council brought examples like a street app and a Manchester city website, listing all homeless services in the area, as examples of how digital tools can support delivery. In one of their presentation slides they said: "Enabling homeless people to gain digital skills and access technology to gain support and provide access to specialist advice and services around the clock is an effective mechanism in addressing this issue".
Statistics around the increasing number of rough sleepers in the borough, mainly white males, and the fact that mortgage and rent arrears are increasingly becoming a common reason for loss of home were presented.
(From workshop held at the BME Forum, 27/4/2016)