Community Fund, Theme 2 (A connected borough where no one is isolated)
Commissioners are looking for a range of thriving and lively cultural events and community grass roots initiatives to combat social isolation such as carnivals, cycling events, cultural events (like the recent LGBT night out) etc, showcasing the diverse Croydon community.
The session also looked at how work to support carers fits in the Community Fund's outcomes. Three themes in particular were highlighted to voluntary sector providers: 'Vibrant, responsible & connected communities' (inclusive and, where necessary, targeted services and organisations supporting the development of volunteers), 'A connected borough where no one is isolated' (carers being offered accurate and timely information, groups that facilitate social inclusion between carers and platforms to enable peer to peer support, replacement care) and 'Supporting residents towards better times' (provision of information, advice and guidance to carers to enable them to achieve their desired outcomes, carer assessments and appropriate referrals, support to carers' physical and mental Wellbeing to increase their resilience).
(From Community Fund workshop, theme 2, held at CNCA on 25/4/2016)