Community Fund, theme 3 (Supporting Residents towards better times)
Under this theme, the Community Fund welcomes proposals of groups:

  • Reducing the ineTuitable distribution of life chances, life experiences, incomes and wealth of residents;
  • Helping people from all communities live longer healthier lives;
  • Working  with marginalised communities. Applicants should, in their application, identify who is at the margin, why, what their needs are, if they need help and why, and where that help is going to take them.

The theme has four sub-themes:

  • Fuel poverty, financial resilience, welfare advice;
  • Healthy living;
  • Supporting people with HIV;
  • Mechanisms for change: advice and support, digital inclusion.

In general, the fund is looking for projects that can help the capacity of people (to increase self actualisation through their own creativity and inner potential, self esteem, love and belonging, safety and security as well as physiological needs).
With reference to 'Helping residents to live affordable lives', services can support residents into financial inclusion, digital inclusion, employability, maximising income, preventing homelessness/finding affordable homes, addressing fuel poverty and food poverty.
If working on a Healthy Living application, recognise that there are a range of initiatives already happening, identify the gaps and involve marginalised communities.
With reference to digital inclusion, the fund is looking for (as an example) digital solutions enabling services to be accessed 24/7, access to community based internet access etc.
(From workshop held at CVA on 26/5/2016)