Tempting Failure is an international performance and noise art festival supported by the Arts Council of England and is celebrating its 5th Anniversary festival across London from the 21st-29th July.

Professional artists will be hosting a variety of family friendly workshops including:

  • ‘Soundhoppers’ by Wajid Yaseen & Helen Frosi for ages 5-11 - introducing children to experiment with listening and sound.
  • ‘Walking and Drawing’ by Jonathan Polkest for ages 11-16 - creating stories through drawing and performance making.
  • ‘You and me and all the space between’ by Kelly Miller for ages 15-19 - playfully looking at interaction and participation in the performance space.
  • 'Master of your Heritage’ by Xavier De Sousa - This workshop is open to all and is led by a fantastic artist Xavier De Sousa. He wishes to invite participants, who may have no experience of performance, to share stores whilst creating a collective meal which can then be shared.

These workshops offer the unique experience of introducing notions of performing arts that are in alignment with the ethos of Tempting Failure to a range of ages and experiences in a fun and engaging way.

For full details and to reserve a place please follow the link below: