As the amount of money that your employees can earn (currently £10,000) will change each year you should make ssure you check the Pensions Regulator’s Website regularly.

Whilst all eligible employees must be auto-enrolled they can opt-out of the scheme, although employers cannot encourage them to do so.

The Chartiies Finance Group (CFG) have produced a free auto-enrolment guide in collaboration with Premier Pensions. Three key pieces of advice include:

  • Plan early
  • Do not assume that your current pension scheme will be compliant with new regulations or that your current provider will be able to offer you a compliant scheme
  • Do not assume that your employees will opt-out of the pension scheme that you auto-enrol them in. Evidence to date shows that most people chose to stay in

You can find the guide by clicking the following link: Free Small Charities Pension Auto Enrolment Guide

source cfg 27.01.16