The days of libraries as quiet places full of dusty books are long gone. Your views are being sought on what would make them exciting and useful places you’d want to visit.

Because South Norwood is getting a new library building, the council want it to be a brilliant model for libraries of the future.  They are planning enough computers with fast broadband speeds to host gaming events. There will be free USB charging points for phones and tablets, and a truly flexible layout, which will allow the space to transform in the evenings for a wide range of activities.

However they know there will be more things they haven’t thought of – and now’s your chance to say what you’d do if you were in control.

What would make the library fun – whilst at the same time helping people meet their life goals?

A short survey has b een set up, so take a few minutes to fill it in and help to include your thoughts and ideas in future plans.

Take the survey here