Healthwatch Croydon have produced a report: 

Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The health and wellbeing of those in Croydon

Findings show that the experience of expectant and new mothers and children, who have social protection such as benefits and accommodation, can be very different from that of single adults who do not have such access. Without financial support or work visas, adults can find themselves homeless – desperate to work, but without official documentation, not able to secure legal employment. This places them in a position of vulnerability and risk and many have said they have experienced exploitation, violence, malnutrition and constant tiredness. While adult asylum seekers do have good access to primary and emergency care services, this is not necessarily their greatest need. Many are preoccupied with survival - getting through the day and night. It is local charities that end up supporting them and this is not sustainable. There is a need for a more integrated approach by Croydon Council, NHS providers and local charities.

Source healthwatchcroydon 12.16