‘Local People’ is a programme which takes a neighbourhood approach. It is helping to release the capacity of local people to lead the design and delivery of home-grown ideas that aim to enhance social cohesion, provide new resources and services and improve the local environment. ‘Local People’ listens to the practical wisdom of local people and supports a process for longer-term engagement across communities.

TCV, the community volunteering charity have £25,000 of funding from the Local People Programme to spend in 2017. The residents of Norbury get to decide how the funds are spent and TCV are seeking local residents to get together and make decisions about their local area.

The community ‘get together’ happen 2-3 times per year and residents would have the opportunity to prioritise local issues, decide what receives funding in their area and decide what you’d like to happen in Norbury in the longer term.

TCV would like to hear from anyone who’d like to be involved, you don’t need to have any experience and you can commit as little or as much time as you’d like to. If you want to have a say in developing your local area or know of projects and want to help get them off the ground, please get in touch with Saima Raza at s.raza@tcv.org.uk.

Find out more about the Local People Programme in Norbury and other places click TCV Local People Programme.