PRISM is an umbrella group of services for children with autism, disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) in Croydon. According to the latest impact report, PRISM has supported just under 2000 of children & young people in the borough in the last three years. This includes National Autistic Society post-diagnosis family support, Chill & Chat sessions for families of under 5s with SEN run by Jubilee Parenting and family advocacy & support offered by Parents in Partnership's Family Link worker.

News Update!

The council has confirmed it will be extending funding for organisations providing support and care for people in Croydon with autism and other special educational needs.

Money will now be available for a further year, during which time the current arrangements will be reshaped in partnership with the providers and services users.

In the longer term the council is seeking to develop a more inclusive set of options, where all children can access mainstream provision and parents and carers can use their personal budgets to secure the tailored support that is right for their individual child.

The council’s planned approach will address financial pressures and growing demand at the same time as continuing to deliver essential support..

source carers information service 06.02.17