Funding to support 11-25 year olds become active

London Sport is a London wide organisation, funded by Sport England and the Greater London Authority to support the growth of physical activity and sport across the capital. They aim to improve the lives of 1,000,000 Londoners to be more active by 2020. there are 5 objectives to help achieve a vision of London being the most physically active city in the world. Read more.

Sportivate is a funding stream that provides 6-8 weeks of activity to inactive young people. It's designed to give a taster of activity to young people leading to sustained engagement in physical activity. You can see a short video on previous projects here and below are some ideas of other projects

  • Buggy fit classes added to a young mums antenatal classes that lead to a regular self-led group continuing walks and exercises after the 6 weeks completed.
  • Project working with young mental health patients in hospital, using rooms on site to offer introductory fitness sessions to provide social, physical and psychological benefits.
  • 6 weeks of basketball coaching led by a coach from a nearby club for a youth group, where the participants are encouraged and supported to join the club after 6 weeks.
  • 6 weeks of table tennis at a community centre in a local housing estate leading to a regular weekly session for participants to continue playing.

If your organisation works with young people and would like to offer physical activity, exercise or sport to them, please contact Kieran Connolly by 9am on Monday 5th June with any questions, and for an application form.

They can help with:

  • Surveying the young people you work with
  • Analyse their responses and make recommendations on the activities they like
  • Help you complete an application form, and link you with people who can deliver great activity.

The most important thing for this funding is that it reaches young people who are 'Inactive'. Inactivity is defined as a young person doing 0-3 days of activity in the last 28 days outside of any PE lessons.