A team of consultants, Tyrens, will be looking at 6 parks in Croydon, 3 in the Central Area (Ashburton, Park Hill , and Lloyd), 2 in north Croydon (Norbury & South Norwood Lake), and 1, a country park in the south of the Borough in the Downs (Happy Valley).  They are inviting people to participate in this project, and to let any Croydon wide, or particular park interest groups know about some stakeholder workshops and engagement events planned very soon and over the summer.

The project's aims, briefly put, are to investigate measures to help all Croydon's residents access all the potential health & wellbeing benefits (including social, environmental and biodiversity benefits) offered by parks. At the same time, to explore how new revenue streams and voluntary sector activity can support sustainable park maintenance in the context of significant population growth, and diminishing public sector resources in the Borough.

There are several ways to get involved:

  • Firstly groups can get in touch, via email or by phone, and tell give their views. Tyrens are interested to hear how well groups feel any of the parks named is currently providing for their organisation/members/interests, what might be better, what is already good, and any vision for the future you might have. They have been hearing from a range of local and Borough stakeholders and residents already in initial interviews and some early residents survey work.
  • Secondly stakeholder workshops are planned in a few weeks time, as part of the process of thinking about the best way to secure the future for these parks, and what their potential might be, within a local and a wider context. Workshops will be held in Central & North Area on 13.06.17 (3.00-6.30pm) and in South Area near Happy Valley on 20.06.17 (4.00-6.30pm), both venues to be confirmed

The workshops are intended to bring together Tyren’s team , and London wide actors, like the GLA, or the London Wildlife Trust, with local actors – Friends groups, third sector organisations with various agendas from inclusion, to vocational training, to health, to food production, with ward councillors and representatives of specific constituencies: faith, age ethnicity or disability for example. The idea is to get people who might be partners, collaborators and supporters all together, around some early ideas for the parks in their area, looking at exemplar projects in Croydon & beyond, hearing where funding (if any) is available, where there might be opportunities, what policy initiatives might be on the horizon to tap into for support and/or funds.

This is an opportunity to generate interest in and local support for connections to the wider funding and policy context, and for the areas residents/ voluntary sector and our team to look at the bigger picture, as well as think about individual spaces and their specific opportunities

  • Thirdly there will be a series of engagement events in the parks themselves (each on one of the proposed dates below) to look at the preliminary ideas, and give people a chance to recommend changes or add support before the plans are finalised. The parks masterplans are to be developed sequentially, and the dates for engagement reflect the order for design development that has been agreed with the council.  Dates: 24/25 June: Ashburton Park; 1/2 July: Park Hill; 9 July: Lloyd Park; 29/30 July: South Norwood Lake; 19/20 August: Norbury Park; 9/10 September: Happy Valley

If interested do get in touch - particulary if any groups wish to attend the stakeholder workshop so details can be forwarded.

Dr Bridget Snaith CMLI
Shape Landscape Architecture