Are you working with NEETs (not in education employment training) aged 16-18?

Faith Regen Foundation are running a project that is supporting ‘Targeted NEET’ for those who are 16-18 years of age and are offering comprehensive support to help them into progression, education, apprenticeships, traineeships and employment.

They are interested in working with the following:

  1. Refugees
  2. Migrants
  3. Looked after children/⁠care leavers
  4. Homeless young people (including those in temporary accommodation 
  5. and sofa-surfers)
  6. Travellers (including gypsy Roma)
  7. Those with mental health difficulties
  8. Those with drug/⁠alcohol abuse issues
  9. Teenage parents and parents to be and young carers.

If your organisation would be interested in such services for your clients do get in touch as they are prepared to register them very soon.  They could also come along to you and give a short presentation.

if interested in the project do get in touch. They are based at the Zakia Family Centre, 166 St James's Road, London CR0 2UZ.  Call Tanha on 07400681008 or email