DBS Guidance and checks for Trustees (April 2017)

If your organisation has projects working with children and vulnerable adults, trustees can have an enhanced DBS check (although not against the barred list as they are not building a relationship with children or vulnerable adults).  Before appointing a new trustee, the trustee board must make sure it is acting within the law, in accordance with the charity’s governing document, and that the prospective trustee is not disqualified from being a trustee. 

When preparing to appoint a new trustee, the trustee board must ensure that the person is qualified to act as a trustee. No-one under the age of 18 can be a trustee of a charitable trust or unincorporated association. However, 16 is the minimum age for the appointment of a director, and so a trustee

As a minimum, the trustee board should ask new trustees to sign a declaration to confirm that they are not disqualified from acting as a charity trustee.

The commission strongly recommend that trustees of charities that work with children or vulnerable adults and that are eligible to obtain a DBS check do so, to ensure both that the person they wish to appoint as a trustee is eligible and to ensure the safety of the charity’s beneficiaries. For more information contact our Volunteer Centre 0208 253 7070.