A success for the free E-learning for Croydon residents and professionals
500 people in Croydon have now passed the Autism Awareness e-learning course that was developed with Croydon parents and carers. The 500+ come from a range of backgrounds and include 30 Croydon minicab drivers and over 30 staff, students and parents at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College. The 500thsuccess was a foster carer of a pupil at St Giles. Click here to access this free E-learning opportunity.  

Emotional Well Being support for children and young people in Croydon
Our representative on the Children and Families' Partnership Board Karen Stott (Off the Record) together with our Health and Well Being Board representative Kim Bennet (Croydon Drop In) delivered a brief presentation on voluntary sector emotional well being services for children and young people at the October meeting of the Children and Families' Partnership Board. It meant to provide information on their organisations' services as well as some examples of other local provision in the sector. See the presentation here.

April 2017

Childhood Obesity
An Action Plan has been developed, following a stakeholders' meeting last year. Childhood Obesity priorities for Croydon are agreed: Sugar, Integration and Targeting, Physical Activity and Engagement of residents and community. The plan will be launched in May/June.
Update on Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health services for children and families:
Under the Local Transfornation Plan:
A single point of access bringing together Voluntary Sector, CAMHS and Local Authority Early Help services has been created. 
A specialist Child and Adolescent Meant Health Services (CAMHS) Crisis Team has been fully recruited and embedded within Croydon University Hospital. It operates between 9am-10pm weekdays and all day Saturday.
Children and young people in crisis seen within 4 hours, for urgent appointments within 24-48 hours and routine appointments within 8 weeks.
Eating Disorders have a dedicated phone line for families and children 020 3228 2545 http://cues-ed.co.uk/ continues to be rolled out in secondary schools and colleges
Off the Record Croydon's online counselling is fully operational for young people 
Social Isolation Strategy
The Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Community report highlighted isolation and the need for more work to be done.
The Health and Well Being Board has been working on an action plan. Potential priorities found so far include areas such as Pregnancy and early years as well as Young People.
For pregnancy and Early years:
children and families living in temporary accommodation
mothers with post natal depression
mothers who are refugees or asylum seekers
For young people:
Young people who have been bullied
Young carers
Young LGBT
Young people not in Employment, Education or Training.
(From Children & Families Parternship Board meeting 30.03.2017)