lndn needs you alive

In June 2017 The Mayor of London launched a new Knife Crime Strategy for London that brings together police, partners and communities to take tough action against knife crime, reduce the availability of weapons and improve the services available to victims of knife crime and their families. The Strategy has been drawn up in collaboration with over 1,000 organisations, groups, communities and individuals with expertise and passion to help solve this problem – half of whom were young people. It includes a range of commitments, of which this campaign is just one. Others include establishing a specialist MPS team of 80 officers, plain clothes and uniform, to carry out targeted crime prevention and enforcement in knife crime hot spots, and ensuring that police work with partners to out in place local knife crime plans that will drive anti-knife crime activity in every London borough.

The London Needs You Alive Anti-Knife is an influencer and social media led campaign that seeks to encourage young people in London to place a higher value on their lives, and therefore not carry a knife. It will primarily target young people in London who are most at risk of being affected by knife crime, with key elements in place to reach a wider spread of Londoners. 

The London Needs You Alive campaign is one of a number of commitments in place that aim to keep children and young people safe. These include working with schools and education providers to protect and educate young people, supporting community groups through seed funding, and ensuring that every borough in London has an action plan to tackle knife crime. 

The marketing campaign objectives are:

  • Challenge the perception that carrying a knife will make you safer
  • Encourage young people not to carry knives
  • Increase awareness of the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife
  • Improve understanding of the dangers of carrying a knife
  • Help the target audience feel safer in London and know that the Mayor and Police are working to keep them safe

You can help!!  This is an exciting, proactive and positive campaign which will require the support of not only our communities and young people, but also key stakeholders such as yourselves.

Every Tweet, Instagram post, ‘like’ and positive endorsement sends the message that the whole of London condemns knife crime and values it’s young people.

Why not share this video and say why #LondonNeedsYouAlive, tweet, facebook. 

You can also download a campaign kit.