On Wednesday 24th January 2018, I Am More will be officially launching their Be Seen campaign, by hosting an event which will consist of a screening of a short film campaign, live acts and a special guests Q&A panel.  It will take place at the David Lean Cinema from 6.00 - 9.00pm.  Download details.

I Am More is a primary support service dedicated to addressing the needs of young carers aged 11-21 years old.

Their mission is to identify, support and raise the aspirations of young carers; by providing a range of tailored programmes and practical support to develop their emotional resilience, minimise barriers in accessing support and increase the awareness of young carers, their families, illnesses and disabilities.

They also have a particular focus on mental health illnesses and offer five key programmes as strategic interventions to help raise awareness, create a better understanding and change the way in which young carers, their families and those with mental health illnesses are viewed and supported.

The first of their programmes is the Be Seen short film campaign, which has been made in collaboration with The Brit School. This campaign depicts the real-life experiences of young carers and their families.

The aim of this programme is to articulate and raise the awareness of the adverse impact caring for a loved one with an illness, disability or addiction has on a young person. As well as highlighting that thousands of young carers go unnoticed within our society.