Instagram Shopping presents a significant sales opportunity for small British businesses, with US brands already seeing positive results after a successful introduction there last year.

More than half of small businesses in the UK say that they see Instagram as a tool to grow their business. This is not surprising as the social media education provided at Enterprise Nation is always extremely popular and a hot topic of discussion at events.

Shopping on Instagram provides people with a visual storefront to explore new products from the businesses they love.

Through easy access to pricing and product details, shoppers on Instagram can tap on a tagged post within a feed to buy a specific product directly from the brand's website, without having to search for it.

Now, people can go from inspiration to information and purchase in just a few taps, and do so in a way that's organic to the Instagram experience. 

Almost half of UK small business owners say they've been able to hire more employees due to growth in demand for their products and services since joining Instagram.

Here's how to set up Instagram Shopping for your small business:

  • Make sure the Instagram app is updated
  • Sync a product catalogue with Facebook Shop (Instagram pulls the Facebook product feed through)
  • Click 'options' on your Instagram business profile, scroll down and select 'products'
  • Authenticate your Instagram business account via its Facebook account
  • Choose a product catalogue to sync with Instagram for Instagram Shopping
  • Once set up, upload a photo as normal
  • On the caption page, there will now be options to tag both people and products
  • Select 'tag products' and in the search bar type the name of the product
  • Move the tag to the correct spot on the photo Instagram will pull in all product catalogue information from Facebook, including a link back to your website from the photo
  • Up to five product tags can be added per photo
  • Click 'share' to set your shoppable Instagram post live

Top tips for getting the most out of Instagram Shopping for your small business:

  • Create at least nine Shopping posts on an Instagram business profile to activate the Shop button for customers to click
  • Tag multiple products to help audiences explore and browse
  • Use Stories to show your audience that they can now shop your posts. Around 250 million people use Stories every day and a third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses, so it's one of the best ways to get your business seen
  • Leverage different Shopping formats. Tag a single image or a use the carousel for multiple product shots
  • Make sure each tag touches the correct product, so shoppers know which product the tag refers to

Launched seven years ago, Instagram has over 800 million users, including 25 million businesses and two million advertisers. 80% of Instagrammers follow a business.

To find out more about Instagram shopping click here.

source Lorna Bladen Enterprise Nation 14.04.18