The Croydon Safeguarding Children Board, Education sub group met in December and have identified five priorities for the coming year:

Strong Leadership & Strong Partnership
Despite most agencies being invited to these sub group meetings, not all attend. SEND is an agency which was thought to be important in the area of safeguarding, but are not currently on the list; they will be sent an invitation to contribute to future meetings.  It was agreed that the responsibility of disseminating the information to the various schools and sectors form these meetings, should be with the representatives. Additional means of feeding back will be through a brief newsletter, and links to existing online platforms that headteachers/safeguarding leads access. This will ensure that all relevant updates are shared and actioned with the wider education sector.

A question was raised on how neglect is consistently identified and acted upon in schools. The level of awareness and confidence to recognise the signs, vary. It is important that appropriate training is provided for all relevant professionals and action taken to identify whether a situation nees to be escalated

High Risk Vulnerable Adolescents
It is important that children and young people’s voices are heard, acted upon and feedback given on their concerns. It was recognised that the voice of CYP is regularly gathered in various forums (i.e. LAC reviews, PEP, EHCPs, TAF/TAF meetings), yet what happens to their voice. Is there any data gathered on what CYP are saying about the services they receive? Is any follow up done on what the CYP have to say? Do the CYP receive any feedback on the outcome of the issues they raise? How can the CSCB collate this data from the various agencies and identify trends in what CYP think about the various services /support they receive. It was felt that more thought was needed to identify what and how to collect this data for auditing purposes. The youth engagement teamwill be a good team to share how they collect and act upon their data

Early Help
It was still felt that not all schools have a clear understanding of what is meant by ‘early help’ and that providing early help is not solely the remit of the early help team. There needs to be greater clarity in the process of the early help referral. It is important for other agencies to be involved in multi-agency meetings regarding safeguarding.

Children with Disabilities
There was a question about the best way to include the voice of SEND children in the sub group. Would attending the sub group meetings be appropriate?