Partnership for Young London and the National Literacy are exploring the role of non-formal education and aiming through this  research to better understand the relationship between the informal sector and the development of young people’s literacy skills in London.

They are currently looking to speak to:

  • Young people between the age of 14-25, especially those taking part in activities and programmes outside of school (they will host, provide food and refreshments, and travel reimbursements)
  • Organisations who are working to improve literacy in non-formal education. They need evidence on how literacy is being embedded in the work, and how improvement is measured.
  • Organisations who are working with young people, but not to improve literacy. They want to examine different non-formal activities for young people and how, if so, literacy skills are being improved.

For more information about the project, please download the research briefing.

To get involved, or if you know of those who would like to be involved, please contact