Ewen and the Unique Roots Healthy Living Site 
‘My challenge is coming to terms with living life on my own since my wife died. I have been living on my own and life had got a lot worse as I was not looking after myself well enough. What made this harder was the fact that people saw me increasingly as just someone who they had to avoid – or so I thought.
Pam and Unique Roots saw me for what I am – a gardener and decorator with a passion for sharing my skills and growing things. The work at Gonville allotment and Valley Park is perfect for this and I enjoy helping to develop the space. This has also led to work coming my way through gardening at people’s homes. This builds my confidence. It is great to know what I can offer and how well it is received.

Atul and the Thornton Heath Community Garden 
‘We have developed an amazing relationship with Ideverde and the Council developing the edible garden in the Rec, it has brought so many people together and is very exciting. People – especially older people – regularly tell us that they love to come to garden and relax plus enjoy talking with others. It has become a real space for people to meet and feel connected with the area'.

Karen on Thornton Heath Arts Week
I really love working collaboratively and the Arts Week affords me the opportunity to connect with others, so I am in my element when we put the festival on together. People are attracted to doing things as part of the Arts Week because we make things accessible and creative. I am proud of how everyone connects up and the week grows every year and has become a real part of Thornton Heath and helped make art a part of everyone's language.
I love that the Arts Week is not just the week, events and projects have spun off from it and run throughout the year with locals connecting up to make things happen. Well Versed now runs every month, which is great as I never really engaged with spoken word before and now there are weekly art sessions at Brigstock refugee hostel.

Agnes on the Exercise Group at St Paul's Church
I have been coming to the exercise group since the beginning of it, recommended by my doctor. I really enjoy coming here each week; you get to meet and speak to people and every week there are more! If this class wasn't here, I would still exercise at home but by myself so wouldn't get to speak to anyone.

Mary on the Exercise Group at St Paul's Church
I think it is wonderful that the group is here. I was a nurse for over 30 years and up until January this year, was caring for my husband, so didn't get to go out at all. Since he passed away, I have been keeping active by getting out and speaking to people at groups like this and sometimes I come to the Thursday group as it is nice and easy to get to. I think it is important that this is free, as doing activities in other places are getting too expensive, so it is really good it is here. I am interested to hear more about the other activities on offer and I am looking forward to our summer trip too (a collaborative effort between Parchmore Methodist Church and St Paul's Church open to all who engage in activities at either hub).

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