About the strategy

Skills for Londoners is the first post-16 skills and adult education strategy produced by a London Mayor. It sets out the contextual skills challenges London faces, along with the priorities and actions required to make the London skills system the envy of the world and achieve the Mayor's vision for:

'A City for all Londoners - making sure Londoners, employers and businesses get the skills they need to succeed in a fair, inclusive society and thriving economy.'

There are three key priorities at the heart of the strategy:

  1. Empower all Londoners to access the education and skills to participate in society and progress in education and work
  2. Meet the needs of London's economy and employers now and in the future
  3. Deliver a strategic city-wide technical skills and adult education offer

Alongside this strategy the Mayor has produced his Skills for Londoners (SfL) framework. This will set out the desired outcomes and delivery approach for the devolved Adult Education Budget, European Social Fund, Skills for Londoners Capital Fund and other City Hall programmes in more detail. This framework will be published for consultation in June 2018.

Read the full skills strategy evidence base supporting the strategy.

Public Consultation

The strategy was shaped following public consultation between November 2017 and January 2018. This included ten consultation events and written submissions from London's public, private and voluntary stakeholders.

Consultation with Londoners included quantitative, representative polling through YouGov, a Talk London survey and discussion threads as well as focus groups and interviews with target audiences. The resulting reports and data - which include valuable insights for providers - can be viewed on the London Datastore.

There was strong support for the Mayor's vision, priorities and actions in the draft strategy overall, and there were no major areas of policy opposition. However, several consultees suggested amendments or additions. These are detailed in the consultation report to the Mayor and many have been incorporated into the final strategy, download below.

Mayor of London Skills Strategy

In the strategy, the Mayor commits to working closely with boroughs and sub-regional partnerships to shape and change the skills system. London Councils will nominate five Leaders to the Skills for Londoners Board that will oversee the delivery of the AEB and the wider strategy.

souce londoncouncils june 2018